The best nutrition, the best ingredients

Canun alimentación animal

Balanced nutrition

We create our feed from the highest-quality ingredients, processed with the greatest of care and cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to guarantee your pet a healthy and happy life.

Canun sostenibilidad


Innovation and sustainability are part of our DNA. At Canun we are constantly developing in order to be more efficient in our production and always committed to the environment.

Canun responsabilidad


Canun has over 20 years of experience, bolstered by De Heus' history of more than 100 years. Our philosophy is to touch the hearts of our clients through commitment to continuous work on the development of new products.

Canun®, the dry food for all pets

Canun cachorros


We make foods that provide all the nutrients required by puppies in order to ensure optimal development and healthy growth. We provide nutrients such as omega-3 and natural antioxidants to strengthen their immune systems.

Canun adultos


We offer solutions for all pets; for our inseparable housemates, for those that are more physically active and for the most demanding athletes.

Canun intolerancias


At Canun we know that some pets have special needs, which is why we offer food with ingredients that are chosen based on their allergenic capacity, intended for animals with digestive or cutaneous sensitivities or intolerances.

Canun gatos


We have taken into consideration the special digestive characteristics of cats in order to create a range of products for every stage of life of your feline friend.